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Why Wikipedia lost 3 billion organic search visits to Google in 2019?

Everybody worldwide has relied on Wikipedia to expand their horizons and read information about everything since it was founded in 2001. But the patterns of the popular website tell a very different story as they are today. Over the years, we have noticed a decline in its traffic, which intensified in 2019. This blog will look at how and why this popular online encyclopedia has collapsed.

Wikipedia Internet Transport Investigated Numbers behind Traffic Loss. 

Wikipedia has lost billions of organic monthly users at zero-click tests in the last 24 months. Looking at its web traffic alone, we can see that the site received 2,2 billion visits in January 2019 and that by January 2020, the amount fell to 1,9 billion (– 14 percent). While the site still has billions of visitors daily, these visits are increasingly challenging to attract, as seen by the decline. While search results with zero-clicks are the leading cause of this phenomenon, they do not entirely blame the decrease in traffic on the Web. The zero-click results indicate that a user is searching in / on Google, and he or she has found a direct answer to his or her search. YouTube videos are among the top organic search results, making them the most entertaining competitors of Wikipedia.

The result of the zero clicks

When we first found that organic traffic declined in Wikipedia, it introduced knowledge graphs and direct responses in 2015. This reform eliminated the need to click a specific link to display the desired results, such that the search results started to end with the result “zero clicks.” While this has been very realistic for people, as Wikipedia traffic indicates, it was less than optimal for industry, as just 30,000 of the nearly 890,000 monthly searches allowed visits to a web site worldwide. See a simple weather forecast search as an example quickly.

Great keyword review in Wikipedia

We have looked at the top 20 organic keywords of Wikipedia to grasp the negative phenomenon better. The search keywords of Wikipedia are for actors, movies, and TV shows, as shown below. Therefore, the next logical move is to tap into Freddie Mercury, his most potent keyword, to see what his patterns suggest. Although Freddie Mercury died in 1991 before the creation of Wikipedia, his name became the leading site in 2020. A fast Google query of his name draws a wealth of information, including his Wiki page, videos on YouTube, and hundreds of articles about him.

Nonetheless, 71 percent of the search ends on a specific site without a click. Given native, mobile search traffic, results with a null click have cost tens of millions of organic visits in Wikipedia’s English-speaking subdomain. When Google displays a response, this dramatic decline is more apparent on mobile devices than on your desktop, where other results are less.

So, where is traffic gone for Wikipedia?

In 2015, we noted that in six months, Google might steal more than 550 million Wikipedia-clicks five years later. While several factors lead to this decline, Wikipedia’s vast majority of traffic was lost due to Google’s zero-click results, which stresses Google’s dominance over search traffic. This is only an example of the most recent marketing trends. Download the State of Marketing Intelligence 2020 Report for a more detailed analysis of recent marketing developments.

The number of entries via Wikipedia’s organic search started to decline in 2015, owing to contents, such as the information chart and direct response provided by Google in Google Search, that enhances search results. To users who search for information on the Web, but for many websites consisting of access counts, No ideal type, a system like Knowledge Graph or Direct Answers, that can provide some details on the search results page.

According to the Similar Web, from approximately 890,000, a visit to the website resulted in 30,000 (about 3.4 percent), and the rest were pleased with the check. I ‘m going to. One of the advantages is to learn more about the effect of zero-clicks searches. Similar Web looked for the most common organic search keywords in Wikipedia. Below are the Top 20, featuring famous artists, films, and television series, the most popular being Freddy Mercury.

You can see Wikipedia pages and YouTube videos if you scan for Freddie Mercury in Google Search. The ‘Freddie Mercury” page of Wikipedia is one of the most widely visited sites, but 71 percent of the users searched the Google web for ‘Freddie Mercury.’

Throughout 2015, Google dropped over 550 million Wikipedia visits in just six months, as the hunt for zero-clicks began to increase. Wikipedia has lost over 3 billion accesses through Google’s organic search in 2019, according to Similar Web.

Deeper knowledge 

Apart from the Knowledge Graph and direct response, there are many factors which, due to a zero-click search, reduce the number of accesses, and one of these is the YouTube embedded video on the top page for the results of a search. Similar Web says, ‘YouTube is the toughest Wikipedia rival,’ as a search results page is placed on the top of the screen.

Many factors other than zero-click and YouTube can refute the number of accesses to Wikipedia. As there has been a drastic decline in the name of accesses over five years from the beginning of 2015, Similar Web says, “Google is web traffic. You will see how much effect you have on it’.’

Google Search is an online search engine created by Google, sometimes referred to as Google Web Search. As of June 2019, it was the most popular search engine on the World Wide Web on all platforms and managed over 5.4 billion searches every day at the rate of 92.62 percent.

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