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What is knowledge graph and how it helps in SEO?

Being a business owner, it is quite important for you to master the tricks through which you can improve your SERP ranking and search engine visibility. To ease the job, you need to have a hands-on exposure to the database that collects plenty of data pieces (or, keywords that people search quite frequently on the World Wide Web). As a reader or a visitor to the internet, we get readily available contents on the web just as we feed the keyword into the search engine, but then there’s a lot of backend job that you have over there!
What is Google Knowledge graph?
If you have ever googled a query and landed upon several factual answers to your question immediately in just a moment’s click, make sure that you aren’t forgetting to thank the “Google Knowledge graph.” Doesn’t it seem to you as if Google is just so accurate in finding relevant info for you? Well, a lot of credit here should be given to the Digital marketing agency who uses these facts based on the public interest to design the SEO for your website.
The best thing about the Google Knowledge graph is not just that it amasses the information stored in its enormous database depending on your search query so as to make your life easier, but it also ensures that you aren’t required to go through numerous web pages and look for your answers for just no reason. Google will do all of it for you!
How does the Google Knowledge graph work?
Google does all the magic by finding relevant information from publicly accessible sites, as well as, from privately licensed platforms. As a user, you can stay assured that you are going to get the most up-to-date information. Well, you might be wondering that how does it maintain such genuine information? It does so, from the Knowledge panels thatbare generated automatically based on your prior searches. Also, anyone and everyone is eligible to suggest changes by dropping a feedback on the Knowledge panels manually. Aligning by the Google’s policies and criteria is however, a mandate! So, if you wish, you can obviously volunteer for claiming a suggestion on the Knowledge panels at Google.
How does the Google Knowledge graph influence the SEO?
The basic impact of the Google Knowledge graph on the SEO is that just as someone feeds a query on the search engine, Google will immediately look to its pre-existing knowledge for its answer prior to checking the open web. Google will definitely not impulse on an extra click to be redirected at the company’s website home page, until and unless it is absolutely required.
Ways to get on the Google Knowledge graph
One of the best ways through which you can upgrade your presence is to add yourself on the Google Knowledge graph. You ought to ensure Google that your website is reliable and offering genuine information to the users.
Consequently, you will be able to notice that you have started appearing at the top of the search engine. Also, Google will start featuring you in the form of rich snippete or knowledge panels.
Here are a couple of ways to get your website on the Google Knowledge graph:
Collaborate with Wikipedia and Google
If you truly aspire to get on the Google Knowledge graph, try to stay connected on the big players of information on the Web, namely, Wikipedia and Google. The first thing that you can possibly do is to register yourself on the Google Search Console from where you can easily choose to measure the search traffic and performance of your website.
You may also sign up for Google My Business which would feature you on Google Maps and allow you to enhance your visibility. Most SEO companies would recommend you to publish useful contents on Wikipedia.
Be consistent in publishing contents
Google focuses on the reputation of a website, and you can help it understand the same by regularly updating your website. Make sure that your website content is up-to-date. Also, you must stay active on the social media channels in order to get a hang of the ongoing market trends, be it Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
Try posting updates on a regular basis as that is going to be really helpful for you in developing PR stragegies. Since most people these days are active on the social media, there could be no greater way to connect to your potential customers than this! A loyal set of followers will certainly help others to get a faith on your brand and the products or services you deal in!
Using schema markup
Structured data will always help you to boost your outreach and schema markup is a way ahead to it! It is basically the process of tagging your content for the Google to get a better understanding.
This will further help the search engine to flag your content to the right set of audience. It does so by adding rich snippets, that will help increase the chances of an audience to visit the website.
Content matters the most!
Last but not the least, good quality content that is free of plagiarism can give a whole new shape to your website. It is one of the most crucial steps in enhancing your visibility, and thus, increasing your conversions in the long run. Try to put up something that’s unique and informative at the same time.
With so many websites offering the same thing, why would someone want to visit your website again and again? It is only when you will have a professional yet straightforward way to respond to the queries fed by your users.
Make sure that your web content is prioritising quality over word count which would obviously have its impact in upgrading your user experience. Use classic SEO techniques with meta titles and keywords, but ensure that you are being to offer a solution to your visitors’ queries.

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