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Top digital marketing Training Institutes in Bangalore, India

1.Digital academy 360

Digital academy 360 is ranked among the best digital marketing training institutions in India. The college operates  15 centers, one of the biggest digital marketing training institutes in India. The college has centers in Bangalore, Pune, Mysore, etc. The institute’s courses are tailor-made to suit current market trends in the digital marketing sector. 

Courses offered 

Masters in digital marketing

Duration;3.5 months 

Advanced Digital marketing

Duration.2.5 months

Master in content writing

Duration;1.5 months 

Master in graphic design

Duration;2.5 months

2.web marketing academy

Web marketing academy is one of the leading digital marketing training colleges based in Bangalore, India. The institute offers globally recognized certificates in digital marketing, Search engine optimization, Google ads, content marketing, social media marketing, and web analytics. 

The college boasts a one on one approach to training with instructors which makes them more effective in training. Some aspects of the course instill students with skills that will enable them execute, run, and monitor successful digital marketing campaigns as per industry standards. With over 16 years of experience in digital marketing training, the institute has highly contributed to the training of competent digital marketing players that are already running the digital marketing industry in various sectors of the economy. 

Training approaches include interactive sessions,videos,whiteboard explanations along with question and answer sessions.

Certifications offered by the college

Email marketing certification

Google adwords certification

Content marketing certification

Inbound marketing certification

3.Internet academy

Internet academy offers world-class training in web design and software development. Based in Bangalore India, the company offers tailor-made courses along with offering practical skills that meet the market standards. With a growing demand for web and app technology, the institute through a team of robust tech experts has highly contributed to the growing number of tech survy professionals already working in various sectors of the Indian economy.

Courses offered

The institute offers training in web design, web programming, and web marketing. 

4. Sky-dream consulting

Sky dream consulting, commonly referred to as the National Institute of digital marketing, is one of the best training institutes in India. Based in Bangalore India, the institute boasts of a vibrant high tech training personnel offering tailor-made digital marketing courses that suit the current market. The institute offers both online and offline training for both local and foreign students who want to develop their digital marketing skills.

Courses offered                                       fees

Hybrid digital marketing                         INR 40000

Advance digital marketing                      INR 30000

Google adwords                                        INr 20,000

Search engine optimization               INR15000

5. Inventateg

Based in Bangalore India, Inventateg offers world-class training in various aspects of digital marketing. Some of the courses offered in the institution include Data Science, python, and Django, mega digital marketing, web development, among other technical courses. Some of their unique services offered include career and placement support. Among aspects in this area include resume building, sourcing, and interview scheduling, hands-on skills for various training.

6. Digitalkora

Digital kora is one of the best digital training colleges in Bangalore, India. Through vibrant tech experts, the institution offers tailor-made courses that suit the modern digital marketing market. With improvements in technology, high demand for digital marketing experts has been growing to cater for the already ballooning market demands. Digital kora, in this case, serves the interest of trainers to satisfaction by offering market-oriented courses that help trainers get hands-on skills to enable them fit in an already crowded Indian job market. Digital koras multipurpose approach makes it one of the best since apart from training, it runs a company that trainers can use to implement digital marketing skills they have acquired. This makes the trainers better due to a combination of both practical and theoretical skills. Digital kora operates as both a company and a training center hence suitable for any starter who would like to venture into the industry. 

Course offered 

The company mainly offers Advanced digital marketing  certificate 

7. Indrasacademy

Based in Bangalore, Indras Academy is among the best digital marketing training colleges in India. In essence, growing demand for digital marketing personnel has highly contributed to the growth of a number of digital marketing training colleges in India. India is among the best in technological innovations. This has led to high demand for its personnel in various sectors, with most companies opening their branches in the country to tap into their skills. The institute has seasoned trainers with extensive experience in various tech fields; hence students are guaranteed the best out of the training. 

Courses offered

Digital marketing

Training in data science

Robotic process automation

Advanced java training

Web design

Angular js training


Machine language

8. EduPristine

Based in India, EduPristine is one of the finest media training institutes offering world-class training to students that have an interest in pursuing a career in digital marketing. Through a robust market approach, the institute nurtures talent skills that are in conformity with the current market demands. Most sectors grapple with poor results through the assumption that relevant training is unnecessary. In essence, proper training prepares employees to handle various market needs in a more professional manner. Return on advertising spends commonly referred to as ROAS has been a challenge for most firms hence the need to embrace relevant training to help in handling various advertising campaigns. The institute provides a multisectoral training approach offering training for real estate, finance, and other sectors along with digital marketing.


Digital marketing

CFA program

CMA programme 

Real estate modeling

Advanced valuation techniques

Business accounting and taxation

Business analytics

9. Besant technologies

Based in Bangalore, Besant technologies is among the best digital marketing institutes in India, offering tailor-made training in various spheres of digital marketing. The company boasts of a vibrant IT software training giant. Through a robust staff in the tech sector, the institute has offered training to thousands of students already working in various sectors of the economy in India and beyond. The college trains both online and offline to cater to the growing demand for IT skills relevant to the current job market. 

Courses offered

Web design

Digital marketing

Cloud computing

Mobile application training

Robotic process automation process training

10. Nidmindia

Based in Bangalore,nidmindia is among the leading media training institutions in India. Often referred to as the national institute of digital marketing, the institute prides itself on being among the best digital marketing training institutes at the forefront of providing first-class training for students from India and beyond. Through Google certified trainers, the institute is ranked the best. Through a unique approach in training and placement, the advantages of going through the institution as a trainer in digital marketing can not be underscored. This is due to the fact that the institute doesn’t only focus on training but helps their trainees to get an internship and job placement. Other factors that make it more preferable by several industrial players are that it offers live projects hands-on training a very important aspect for aspiring digital marketing experts. 

Emphasis on practical lessons compared to theories is a very important element that every trainee would like to experience in order to be relevant in the job market after training. In this regard, the national institute of digital marketing tops the list for applying the best training approaches geared towards improving the skills of experts in the field. Any individual across the world who wishes to acquire digital marketing training should give the college a try.

Courses offered 

Certificate in advanced digital marketing

  Which include .certification.Google ad words

 Advance and hybrid digital marketing

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