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Top 7 Digital marketing companies in India

The advent of digital marketing has dramatically transformed the marketing environment. Varied technological transformations have significantly bolstered the online market place. Notably, E-commerce, in this instance, has experienced exponential growth over the years. This has hugely changed the business atmosphere where firms have turned to online marketing as a way of tapping in a considerable number of internet users.  

Digital marketing has become one of the most critical aspects every firm across the globe grapples with to not only improve how they interact with their target audience but to transmit their selling messages to prospective clients. The significant effect digital platforms have in sending marketing messages can not be underscored.

Most firms utilize varied parameters of social media to transmit communication messages to either appeal to their target audience or, hopefully, sell a product or service.

India has so far  envisaged exponential growth in the digital marketing industry over the years. This has brought about a surge in number of digital marketing firms that offer varied digital marketing services to local and international clients.

However, the main challenge most firms tend to grapple with is getting the right digital marketing firm to outsource digital marketing services. It has become intricate to identify legitimate digital marketing firms hence the need to furnish the public with correct information that will help them choose the right digital marketing firm from an informed point of view.

Digital marketing has significant facets that can turn around the fortunes of a company if well executed.

This blog post has highlighted  varied number of digital marketing firms in India that have extensive experience in offering digital marketing services to small, medium-sized, and big firms.

It is against this backdrop that digital marketing firms play an integral role in helping companies turn around their fortunes through helping in the implementation of varied aspects of digital marketing concepts which include email marketing strategy, social media marketing strategy, SEO content strategy, Google campaigns and so on and so forth.

In case you are having issues with your digital marketing strategy, here are a few digital marketing agencies that are fit to turn around your digital marketing strategy.

1.Team Pumpkin

Team Pumpkin offers digital marketing services to clients locally and internationally. So far, the company partners with Google in providing digital marketing services.

The company focuses on varied aspects of digital marketing  which include;

  • Digital marketing consulting services
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click marketing concept
  • Public relations and content marketing strategy

Some aspects of digital marketing that you can bank on include the following

Digital marketing strategy consultation services

Under this framework, the company executes varied strategies that include segmenting target audience, analyzing competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and implementation of digital marketing strategies.

Social media management consulting

Under this area of expertise, the company offers varied strategies that include response and social listening tracking, managing clients, content marketing strategy, and social media optimization.

Some of the content marketing services provided by the company include content writing, production, and dissemination of multimedia content along with the creation of other necessary content.

Other aspects of services offered by Team pumpkin include pay per click services, which entail analysis of keywords, analyzing competitors, copywriting, and A/B testing.

Some of the client’s Team Pumpkin has served include coca,cola,kidzania, ActionAid,kanakia and Incred.


Langoor offers unique aspects of digital marketing that supplements digital marketing. Digital marketing can not stand without the design aspect. In this backdrop, Langoor offers integral facets required to carry out a successful digital marketing strategy. Some of the aspects include marketing automation, data along with other online strategy based services,

Some aspects of their services you need to tap include;

As far as strategy is concerned, they offer varied aspects of the services which include, content strategy, brand strategy, and an entire digital marketing strategy one can execute.

In related data services, the company offers services that include optimizing conversion, data mining, and analytics.

Other services offered by Langoor include languor business, which has a separate strategy that deals with purely digital marketing services. Commonly referred to as Langoor business, this segment offers varied services and products in the digital marketing category.

Some of the clients Langoor has served include

Moneygram, Epson, Travelguru,Krispy Kreme

Social media management is another important aspect that digital marketing firms need to focus on to improve on their brand visibility and hopefully achieve Return on investment (ROI).

The social media package aids in the following

Help in improving conversions

Improve brand awareness

Increase website traffic

Boost communication strategy with target prospects

Under pay per click services

The company helps in managing database and contact list

Copywriting for adverts

Track conversions

Preparation of campaign budget reports

Keyword research and managing the campaigns

Email marketing is also an immediate aspect of digital marketing that can be utilized to transform how we interact with our target audience. Through proper designing and execution of various email marketing campaigns, a firm can greatly turn around its fortunes through a properly executed email marketing this regard, Langoor has great expertise in design and managing email campaigns that are important in the transmission of marketing messages.

On this aspect, Langoor helps in the following

Managing contact list and contact database

Verification of span in emails before broadcasting to the respective target audience

Manage all aspects of email marketing strategy as agreed upon

Clients already served by Langoor include


Adarsh Developers

Innoviti etc

3.Moshi Moshi

Moshi Moshi is one of the best advertising agencies in India. The design aspect of digital marketing is vital since it ensures success in the execution of a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing can not stand alone without design. In this regard, Moshi Moshi has combined varied aspects of digital technology, which include the design and execution of the digital marketing strategy to its target clients. Moshi Moshi is involved in the production of animation videos, web design, branding, along with other aspects of digital marketing.

A combination of digital marketing and design skills ensures Moshi Moshi offers great skills in the digital marketing industry needed to complete a digital marketing cycle.

Some aspects of the services include

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing and search engine  marketing

Clients already served by Moshi Moshi include



InMark,Rapido ,Max etc

4.Social Beat

The Social beat has proved to be among the best digital marketing companies in India. The company offers digital marketing services to clients, both locally and internationally. Social beat partners with Google in delivery of services hence making it more credible in discharging digital marketing services.

Some of the services offered by social beat include web design and management, branding, Search engine optimization strategy, content marketing strategy, social media marketing, etc

Other aspects of digital marketing services offered by social beat include;

Click funnel marketing

Native advertising

Content strategy

Management and execution of targeted marketing campaigns

Some of the clients social beat has served include

Tata mutual fund


Casagrand etc


Ralecon has been operating for a period of nine years. The company offers the best digital marketing solutions to various firms in India and beyond. Their quest to help firms get more conversions remain their area of focus. Ralecon currently partners with Google and Microsoft bing making it one of the most credible digital marketing firms in India. The company mainly focuses on web design and digital marketing.

Varied aspects of digital marketing they tend to focus on include;

Search engine optimization

Creation of content

Off/on-page search engine optimization

Keyword research

website and mobile technical areas

Other areas Ralecon focuses on include

Google and bing advertising

Reputation management, online and mobile advertising

Clients served by Ralecon include

Indian institute of fashion technology

NBR group

Ordchids international school  etc

6. iQuanti

iQuanti offers a myriad of digital marketing services that include display advertising, search engine optimization and search engine marketing

The agency has extensive skills in the creation and execution of vibrant search engine optimization strategies that aid in brand visibility. Brand visibility is a critical element in a marketing strategy since it aids in ensuring a brand stands out, especially in a more competitive online market place.

Some aspects of digital marketing captured  by Iquanti include

Local search engine optimization

Optimization of app stores

Applying technical Search engine optimization on varied websites

Content strategy

Link building etc

Some aspects of social media marketing involve optimization of conversions, website analysis, and general digital marketing strategy, including a multichannel approach.

Some of the client iQuanti has served include




Vineyard vines etc


Digion is among the leading digital marketing companies in India, offering a myriad of IT and digital marketing services. The firm focuses on helping startups with digital marketing strategies through the creation and management of their digital marketing strategies. Startups usually struggle to carve a niche, especially in an already crowded market place like the digital marketing industry. It is against this backdrop that DigiOn has tapped into the startup clientele base in order to help them achieve their set objectives.

The company has gained recognition in varied aspects through clinching varied awards that include;

20 most promising digital marketing providers in India (2018)

10 most promising  digital marketing consultants (2019)

Some of their digital marketing services include

Help with boosting organic search for your firm

Improve traffic for websites

Help in getting more conversions for your business

As far as social media is concerned, DigiOn covers the following  areas for your brand

Social media promotion for products and services

Establish a relationship with the target audience

Design and manage varied marketing campaigns

Enhance brand reputation etc

However, DigiOn offers marketing and lead generation support

Some of the digital marketing aspects in this area include A/B testing, pay per click advertising and brand awareness. Brand awareness is vital in a marketing strategy since it helps in winning the loyalty of clients.

Other aspects include the design and execution of email and SMS marketing, which are key elements in a product cycle.

Clients served by DigiOn include

Career café



Bismentors etc

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