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Top 3 Digital Marketing Companies in Bangalore


This is among the best digital marketing companies in India that mainly focuses on digital marketing consulting. The main aspects covered by Percoyo include digital marketing, mobile, and web design development, along with social media marketing.

The firm stands out among others since it offers strategic digital marketing. Strategic digital marketing is essential in any digital marketing strategy since it helps in understanding the target market in order to know the best strategy that should be implemented in a marketing campaign. Some aspects of this system include pay per click advertising along with managing ad words in online advertising.

The unique aspects of their digital marketing packages that you can bank on include

Brand awareness

 Keyword research

Management of Google campaigns

Search engine optimization

Website search engine optimization along with other web design and development aspects, which are key in a digital marketing strategy.


2.Outer circle

Ourter circle offers a mix of services that range from design, development, and digital marketing. Some of the main areas covered by Outer circle include

Social media marketing, web development analytics, and development of mobile applications.

Other digital marketing areas that outer circle handles include

Link building

Creation of site maps

Installation of google analytics

Search engine optimization analysis

Fix site loading speed

Targeted marketing campaigns etc

The firm offers a myriad of services that range from technical to execution and management of multichannel marketing strategies. Diversification of services in this aspect ensures clients are not just helped to run and manage campaigns but also help in fixing technical issues that might be affecting the tools they are using to run various digital marketing campaigns.

  Some of the clients already served by outer circle include


Shashi sumeet

Triquetro etc


Bleap offers a myriad of digital marketing services that range from, social media marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, among other digital marketing services.

Other facets of services offered by the company include;




Brand awareness

Digital marketing strategy etc


Digital marketing is a critical element that every organization needs to embrace in order not only to transform how they relate with the public but to improve their marketing strategy. It is against this backdrop that various digital marketing firms are out to help clients transform how they run their marketing campaigns in a bid to help them get more conversions. Return on investment(ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS)  are key parameters that most organizations grapple within their marketing campaigns; hence the need to shop for the right digital marketing firm can not be underscored. With proper expertise and right human resource, digital marketing is the only affordable and quantifiable means of marketing that can guarantee results. This is due to the fact that varied parameters in the digital marketing facet can easily be tracked using technology associated with the digital marketing process.

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