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Search Engine Optimization voice search guide: Trends and best practices

“Voice Search,” everyone has wondered and tried this by now. You might have also tried using the voice search option either on your phone, laptop, watch, or on some other devices. Isn’t it so convenient and efficient to use? There is no hassle in typing or in correcting misspelled words. Just like that, this trend of voice search has created an impact on search engine optimization. 

In laymen word, Voice Search allows the user to search the web and get fast results through their voice commands instead of typing. Voice search is becoming popular because it requires less effort and integration of technology and products. 

If you want to rank your website higher in search engines, you need to optimize your content and your voice search SEO. Along with voice search optimization, mobile optimization should also correspond. 

Here, voice search SEO can be explained as an approach that enables you to create optimized 

content, metadata, keywords, phrases, and increase ranking. That is, Voice search SEO is a type of digital marketing service which is provided by a voice search marketing agency to enhance the transparency of your online business. 

Now, let’s talk about some popular practices to optimize voice search SEO: 

Target long-tail keywords 

It is normal to have long-tailed keywords or phrases in your voice search since words input tends to be in a conversational style. And you may also know that Google prefers long-form complete content. That is because content creators cannot prepare content based on every keyword out there. Thus, a full-full-fledged post or a guest post is all better. 

It is also established that long-tailed keywords perform better in voice search rankings. Long-tailed keywords provide specific keywords to the search engine and also beneficial in optimizing voice search for your website. To search for a more relevant keyword/phrase for your content, you can also make use of some online tools.

Optimize your Google My Business listing 

It is the easiest way to be visible to users, and by optimizing your Google My Business page, there is a possibility to rank higher. To be noticed by your niche audience, your site’s images, information, and content should be precise and complete. You should also not forget to apply your local SEO strategy. 

Schema mark-up implementation 

Schema mark-up, also known as Structured Data, is a code that helps search engines in 

understanding your site’s content. It will also help you to improve and attain better search results, which will enhance user experience. Further, this Schema mark-up can indirectly help you to rank higher on search engines. 

Increase Domain Authority 

If you provide guest posting services, then backlinks are a crucial part of it. Since as many links point to your website in a regular search, it helps in ranking higher. Voice search does the same. The moment when your voice is intercepted, high authority websites will appear in your search results. To appear in a higher rank in voice search, you can increase your domain authority by optimizing your on-page content, removing spammy and bad links, and also by making mobile-friendly sites. 

Create a mobile-optimized site 

These days, it is evident that creating a mobile-optimized site is more effective since users mostly use voice search on their mobile as it is more convenient and accessible. If your site is not yet mobile-optimized, you can try out the responsive web design recommended by Google. Along with that, you should also optimize your site speed. 

There are many more practices for voice search SEO, but along with that, there is also an increasing number of voice search trends. Voice search is so in a trend that there are voice search optimization agencies which aim to successfully grow your business with digital marketing. 

Voice Search Trends:

Search for local products and services 

Instead of typing and searching for high-end items or locations, users are more inclined to use the voice search option to search for local products and services. 

Improvement in machine learning and voice AI 

Development and improvement in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically changed how the users search the internet and interrelate with their various smart devices. 

Voice search for Smart speakers 

By now, predictably, the demand and usage of the smart speaker have risen drastically. As per statistics, around 40 million households in America possess at least one smart speaker. Why? Because it has various capabilities and more convenient. 

Due to the tremendous rise of voice technology, many tech companies are moving towards the production of their smart speakers like Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa. 

Mobile voice search  

Nowadays, on every mobile device, you can find the option of Google’s voice search with over 100 language choices. As compared to smart speakers, mobile voice search is always handy and used 40% more by the users. Speech recognition technology has been advantageous to this trend of voice search. 

Mobile voice search is so convenient that people can use it in different circumstances such as, at the office alone, at the gym, in a public restroom, at home alone or with friends, at a party, and many more environments. 

Demand for voice SEO 

A digital marketer’s job is not just a one-time effort. They have to frequently polish their SEO 

strategy for voice search optimization. Then, it orderly tries to emerge on a higher ranking. 

It is established that there is 95% accuracy in Google’s Voice recognition. Therefore, marketers or businesses who want to pull in more inbound traffic, they are to apply voice SEO on their site. 

Apart from Google’s voice recognition accuracy, China’s iFlytek speech recognition system’s accuracy rate stands at 98%. 

Overall, it is not wrong to say that Voice search SEO is a crucial part of online marketing in the future. While the digital marketing scenario is a dynamic one, e-marketers should also keep up with the trends as not to lose the audience or targets. The rapid acceptance of Voice search by users has resulted in creating a significant impact on SEO and search trends.

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