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Most trending tools which help in technical link building for your website

If you want a good ranking for your website in the SERPs, you ought to focus on link building and there’s no alternative to it. This is absolutely important to ensure that you get more traffic to your website. The more the traffic is, the better it is! It is only when you succeed in reaching out to your audience that you can expect more conversions. Also, your website will be able to earn a recognition for itself in the online community.
While link building is so very beneficial for a brand, it is a really daunting task for anyone to establish in the long run such that you are able to reap its fruits. This is where the demand of a Digital marketing agency comes into being! These SEO professionals have mastered the art of implementing the usage of the SEO link building tools to yield better results, upgrade your efficiency as well as automate your tasks on a larger scale.
Reasons you should rely on link building tools
Not everything can be done manually. While your brain will always get an edge over everything else in the world, there are times when you should allow technology to take over so as to fetch better results. Mentioned below are a few reasons for which you should rely on link building tools:
Reduce workload
With the SEO link building tools, you will be able to get your work done in lesser time. All you need is to feed them with the details, and they shall provide you with the outcomes which you can further implement to improve your efficiency and bring higher conversions for your website.
Automation on a larger scale
A team coordination happens to be a must! With the help of these SEO tools, you will be eligible to automate different tasks and thus, ensure yielding results within a short pace of time.
Drives better outcomes
With the help of these tools, you can expect response from your email shoots, use the analytics to maximise your reach and thus, find more influencers to promote your brand on multiple social media channels.
Here are a few of the most trending link building tools for your easy perusal:
This is one of the major tools that most SEO companies tend to rely on! Once you feed the domain name into the search panel of Ahrefs, it will come up with the whole report, thereby making it easier for you to identify your competitors. This will further assist you to influence your content strategies, thereby making it more robust. Obviously, it costs a little more than most other SEO tools with a price tag of $99 per month for 1 user. However, the report it yields will be extremely useful for you to discover your link building opportunities.
Besides, Ahrefs serves as the one spot destination for your keyword research, backlink buulding, rank tracking, broken link checking and more. All you need is to enter the URL and you will be able to view all the details right before yourself. Not just this, the broken backlink checker is an amazing tool to check your inbound and outbound links on the site so as to ensure that you aren’t sending your traffic to a 404 page.
Majestic gives you a report with relevant data that you may use to identify the sites from where you should be generating your links. Once you have a hold of the top ranking websites in your niche, it will become easier for you to find the ones that would fit into similar categories. Also, this tool will give you a trust or citation flow which will help you count your decisions rather more easily. It generally costs $79.99 per month for a single user.
Google + Scrapebox
Google comes with a plenty of advanced search operators wherein you may choose to feed specific keywords or phrases to identify the guest posting opportunities that are relevant to your niche. However, in order to extract these results from your Google query, you would need to have a hands-on exposure to Scrapebox, a tool that scrapes the results from Google. Google scraping will require proxies, and as you successfully load in the operators and queries, you will be able to fetch a near report for yourself.
It happens to be one of the best keyword research tools that would offer you with a ton of keyword suggestions against the word or phrase you have had entered into the search pane. Besides, it shows you the SEO metrics such as CPC (Cost per click), ranking difficulty, and search volume which will help you to analyze the keyword relevancy even more appropriately. Prior to building the links, you will have to conduct research of the links on the sites that are occupying the first page of the search engine. Once you have a clarity of the same, it will become easier for you to outrank those pages.
URL Profiler
When it comes to contents and links, URL Profiler is one of the best tools that you can think of using! Based on the list of URL that you are providing, this tool will help you gather data in a single place, thereby auditing all of them into an Excel sheet. This will further assist you to create a content inventory. Unlike all other tools, you do not have a web version of this, but only the application that is to be downloaded on your device.
Bottom line:
Now that you have done a lot of hard work on finding these data and filtering out the relevant information from different places by using these tools, it is important for you to stay organized. A project management system can also be a great platform for you to track this information. On the other hand, you can even stick to Google Sheets, or Trello too, something that will keep you handy with the data sets even while you are on the go!

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