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Digital marketing training in India and beyond

India’s vibrant technological environment has led to a spike in the growth of the digital marketing industry. Recent reports indicate that India ranks 3rd after the United States and China in the top global tech innovations. This has led to a mushrooming number of colleges offering training in digital marketing. Growing demand for digital marketing experts remains unwavering since every sector across the world requires the services of digital marketing personnel to transform their online marketing strategy.

Coupled with a high population and an increased number of internet users, India boasts a significant number of online consumers that have impacted the digital marketing industry.

Transformation envisaged in the digital marketing sector is likely to spike the growth in the number of internet users to slightly over 829 million by the end of this year.

So far, India has a robust digital market share projected to be slightly over  $ 60 billion. In this regard, the need for digital marketing skills to apply in the sector remains paramount.

The following is a list of training platforms and colleges responsible for training digital marketing personnel in India and beyond.

Delhi School of Internet Marketing     (DSIM)

Offers digital marketing to local and international students eying to spice up their digital marketing skills. The college provides 17 modules in digital marketing. Some of the aspects of the training include;

Generation of  targeted website traffic

Lead generation

Email marketing

Mobile advertising

Content marketing

Search engine optimization techniques

Mobile marketing

NIIT Digital Marketing

The college offers  training vie video stream with no physical instructor training. With over a hundred training centers spread across 30 cities in India, the institute has trained over 40,000 digital marketing personnel who are already engaged in the market.

With an office in Houston, Texas, the blog offers digital marketing training in India. The over 100 certification courses are offered either online or offline to suit the needs of students. offers certifications after training. Most of their courses are conducted within 180 days to completion and certification.

All India management association AIMA

 An affiliate partner with digital vidya, the college offers varied courses ranging from Search engine optimization, Display ads, Web analytics, email marketing, and search engine marketing.

The courses are mostly conducted online during weekends at the cost of RS 36000.

The duration of their courses is three months.

Digital Vidya

Started in 2009, the organization has been offering digital marketing training for a while now.

Some of the courses offered include web design, web search tool marketing, online networking marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and web analytics.

All courses are offered online with trial industrial job experience to test the skills of trainees.

Digital Academy India

Digital Academy offers digital marketing training to personnel interested in venturing into the digital marketing industry.

Some of the courses offered include website optimization and usability, search engine marketing, Digital display advertising, social media marketing, search engine optimization, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, lead generation, and youtube marketing.

 Institute of Digital Marketing

The college offers training in various aspects of digital marketing, which include social media optimization, social media marketing, Affiliate marketing search engine marketing, and many other courses. The institute has various centers of training spread across India.

Learning Catalyst

The platform focuses on web and mobile-based training programs.

The college offers a complete package of digital marketing training to working professionals and students.

Some of their approaches include offering internship, practical experience, along with other digital marketing related support.

In conclusion, the need for training in digital marketing remains vital in all sectors. The majority of industries across the world apply digital marketing to strengthen approaches to online marketing. It is in this regard that every digital marketing expert should embrace relevant training to transform the digital marketing environment.

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